Monday, December 5, 2016



  1. if a man has a sex change, is he still a man. That is the big question. With TG women, its different because they were really never men to begin with. They tried, but never were really males at all. Their body was, but it didnt fit and they couldn't adapt at all. It just caused them anguish and pain. Because they arent really men.
    In your story, you keep mentining that because Martin has a penis, he is a man. It is a same sex marriage, and his penis isnt a reason he cant wear a dress. he disagrees, but that comment Leanne keeps making is incorrect. And if he lost his penis, if the Baron forced him though a full gender reassignment, hormones and final sexual reassignment surgery, SRS. would he then become a woman
    Not really, he would still be a man. A very tormented and anguished man, but still a man.

  2. In the case of Martin I would agree and disagree. If he were forced to undergo a full sex change procedure that included breast and implants, penis and testicle removal and the formation a vagina, made to take female hormones, have his gender changed legally and applied to all legal documents including his birth certificate, would he be a woman?
    No, By law yes. he would be a guy that was forced to endure the process of being physically changed from male to female. He never felt he was a woman trapped in a man;s body. He was a man forced into a marriage where the husband decided to have him changed, the law allows these decisions and though he doesn't want it, he has no legal recourse and the sex change is then performed.

  3. That is the whole thing about this. These laws are cruel and strip away a persons power over themselfs. It is slavery
    When laws violate a persons rights, they start becoming illegitimate. Giving people a valid reason to disregard and fight against them. This country is just asking for an widespread movments and protests against these laws

  4. have you given up on the story about the queen and Dexter